We provide a repair and maintenance service for a wide range of Electronic Equipment, from our premises in Poulvern. Our small workshop is equipped for repairs to component level, and covers mechanical as well as electronic repairs. Our services cover, but are not limited to the following, please don’t hesitate to ask if your application is not listed, if it's electronics,  we can most likely help!!

We will provide a no obligation repair quotation for a small fee.

Professional Sound Repair Services

We repair everything from guitar amplifiers and effects units, to mixer desks and large PA Systems, DJ and karaoke equipment.




Industrial Systems Repairs

We will undertake repairs of industrial and commercial systems. Micro-controller (PLC) systems, as well as communications equipment.




Lighting Equipment Repairs

We can repair a wide range of stage, club and DJ lighting systems, from complex DMX controlled moving head scanners,  to more simple lighting effects.


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